Mercedes-Benz Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn.


Cutting costs – but only in the right places.

A summary of the most important facts

  • Awareness on environmentally conscious driving
  • Learning to Drive fuel-efficient

Fuel prices are exploding at an alarming rate and increasing economic pressure nearly every day. You require training that makes your driving staff aware of this issue and has the potential to generate cost savings, to protect both your wallet and the environment.The success of our EcoTraining can be seen after the first fuel station bill. Your driver has learned that a steady foot on the throttle pedal not only reduces the environmental impact, but also operating costs.
Our OMNIplus EcoTraining teaches your drivers that saving fuel and staying on schedule do not have to be contradictory goals. Reaching one's destination becomes less stressful, more convenient, environmentally friendly and certain. Ongoing driver evaluations allow you to achieve a savings of 3% to 5%. The clear-cut practical courses convey not only proper driving techniques, but also an integrated and cautious driving approach.