Mercedes-Benz Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn.


Your drivers are your company's calling card.

A summary of the most important facts

  • General conduct and discussion techniques
  • Promotion of  customer loyalty
  • Optimizes confidence in the way you interact with your passengers and how to meet their individual requirements

Misunderstandings are a fact of life. This is why you would like a training course for your driving personnel that optimizes their communication skills, enhances their interactions with passengers and, at the end of the day, increases customer loyalty. Your drivers will gain new confidence to handle different situations.
The OMNIplus CommunicationTraining provides important tools to your drivers. Using practical examples, our psychology experts convey behavioral and conversation techniques for emergency situations and important fundamentals for customer-oriented communication; these techniques are taught through role play and potential improvements identified through case-by-case analysis. This training course increases your drivers' scope of action in conflict situations and increases customer trust.