Mercedes-Benz Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn.

OMNIplus DriverTraining.

So your drivers are safer, more efficient and more confident on the road.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Bus driver training from OMNIplus experts
  • Training recognised under the Professional Driver Qualifications Act
  • Goals: optimal safety, efficiency and vehicle operation
  • Expert Handling Training: get to know the latest techniques and use them correctly
  • Outstanding interaction with passengers and mastery of emergency situations
  • Detailed knowledge of the complex highway legislation
  • Health and fitness in a driver’s everyday life

Drivers are the best advertisement for your company and your most valuable resource. Demanding traffic, complex highway legislation, high-tech equipment in the bus or coach – daily life behind the wheel makes for a tough set of challenges. There's no way you can just jump in and set off. OMNIplus Driver Training helps bus and coach drivers to be prepared to the best possible extent for every situation. Whether in everyday life or an emergency.

Do your drivers use the on-board assistance systems to the fullest? Do they remain friendly and respectful with your passengers? Are they in control of emergency situations and do they stay fit and healthy? Do they know every tricky detail of the highway code? When to take breaks and how long to work? Here, the right DriverTraining from OMNIplus can make a decisive difference. And All OMNIplus DriverTraining is recognised as training under the Professional Driver Qualifications Act.

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