Bus beim Fahrertraining auf nasser Fahrbahn mit Verkehrsleitkegeln.

OMNIplus Training.

Your employees in top form – the right training for all.

The most important facts in overview

  • OMNIplus Driver Training for the people behind the wheel
  • OMNIplus Workshop Training for garage staff
  • Tailor-made training, both theoretical and practical
  • Training by qualified OMNIplus trainers
  • Easy online booking using the Bus Training Platform

As a bus company operator, having top class employees is important for you. Your drivers should have full mastery of their vehicle and drive with maximal efficiency. Your workshop staff should be able to carry out basic repairs and maintenance independently. For this to happen you need a training programme to help you reach your company goals. Welcome to training with OMNIplus!

With DriverTraining we get your drivers in top shape to handle a Mercedes-Benz or Setra. In our WorkshopTraining we equip your workshop staff for success. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise with buses and coaches, our OMNIplus training sessions are exactly tailored to your needs. We combine theory and practice at the perfect proportions and only use specially trained experts and teachers. Let us inspire you with our passion for buses.

Easy online booking using the Bus Training Platform

On the Bus Training Platform, you can easily book OMNIplus sessions for drivers and workshop staff online – and across 14 European countries. Our tip: Discover the advantages of learning no matter what the time or place in the digital world of OMNIplus.

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