Data confirmation for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches.

A summary of the most important facts

  • all vehicle specifications available at all times
  • 100% complete vehicle specifications
  • ask for them easily and quickly online

When vehicles change owners several times, registration data can be misplaced. To regain this data, you can request data confirmations from our online service for vehicles up to 30 years old for a fee.

Link to the data verification form

It's this easy

Make sure you have the vehicle identification number (VIN) and vehicle model designation at hand. In the box "Data confirmation", click the link to the forms and fill them out completely; select one or more data confirmation types and then click "Order documents".

Selected data confirmation types

  • Exhaust characteristics (EURO 0, I, II etc.)
  • ABV (automatic anti-lock system)
  • Towing capacity
  • Manufacture year
  • Confirmation of an EC Directive or ECE Regulation
  • Data confirmation for the issuance of new registration documents
  • ECE R 66
  • School bus
  • 100 km/h speed on German or French highways
  • Interchanging old tyres

Data verification form

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