OMNIplus eServiceContracts for electric buses.

Skilled servicing for electric buses at foreseeable costs.

The most important facts at a glance

  • Two variants for the vehicle: eBasic or ePremium
  • One variant for the high-voltage battery: extended battery warranty
  • A future-proof range of services for electromobility
  • Attractive package prices instead of itemised lists

Rely on our tried-and-tested range of OMNIplus eServiceContracts, which we have adapted to suit the needs of electromobility. You can put together the perfect range of services for your electric fleet, individually and as you need them. This means your fully electric eCitaro buses can always be safe, reliable and efficient when under way.

The OMNIplus eServiceContracts in overview
Alongside a common maintenance component, our OMNIplus eServiceContracts eBasic and ePremium offer various different levels of repair. In addition, you have the option to take out an extended warranty on the high-voltage battery.

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We offer you the following benefits

Battery warranty*

When buying an eCitaro, a basic warranty for the high-voltage battery and a two-year warranty on the high-voltage components (for up to 200,000 km) is included as standard.

Safety and quality

Optimally maintained vehicles offer the highest levels of driver safety for your fully electric buses and coaches.


Servicing, replacement parts and regular monitoring to the highest level of quality ensure optimal readiness for deployment.

Foreseeable cost control

eService packages at fixed monthly rates promise transparent and foreseeable costs.


The ePackages save money as compared to individual workshop services.

Ensuring value retention

Your vehicle will retain value thanks to regular, competent maintenance.

* The conditions of the "Basic Warranty, Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery (LMP ® Generation 1D)” or "Basic Warranty and Individual Service Life Promise, Battery NMC2” apply

Scope of services: extended battery warranty eBasic* ePremium*
High-voltage components
High-voltage battery
Whole vehicle repairs
Maintenance of the entire vehicle to manufacturer specifications
Incl. 24h SERVICE with towing costs
OMNIplus Uptime ✓**
Active filters with anti-viral layer
The following additional packages can be selected:
Legally mandated general/emissions/safety inspections
* each not including the high-voltage battery
** 50% price discount for eBasic