OMNIplus BestAge Repair.

Correct maintenance - for longer running vehicles.

A summary of the most important facts

  • save time, energy and money
  • all services in one place
  • service offer, 3 components: original parts, maintenance and repair, treatment and care

BestAge Repair - the comprehensive service range from OMNIplus which helps keep your vehicles running for longer. Only with us will you find all the services you require for your vehicle in one place, meaning less downtime for you. As a manufacturer, we know your vehicle inside out and are here for you 24/7. With our offer you will save time, energy and above all, money.

OMNIplus BestAge Repair is especially designed for older vehicles. With vehicles of a certain age you have to weigh up the efficiency, commercial viability and above all the actual value of the vehicle. This is our challenge: to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We want to make your vehicle more efficient and thereby achieve our common goal: maintain good condition. BestAge Repair gives you all the services from one source, in original manufacturer's quality and at attractive prices.

The service offer is composed of three things: original parts, maintenance and repair as well as preparation and care.

Original parts

  • Original parts for older vehicles. We will ensure that you get the right part as quickly as possible. The age of the vehicle plays no part in this. All common parts are available for 15 years after vehicle production, and many parts are available way beyond this time span.
  • Refurbished parts. With refurbished original spare parts, you save money and the environment. The refurbished parts are of the same high quality as in the original factory-installed item.

Maintenance and repair

  • Fixed price offers for repairs to common wear parts. The offers include attractive prices for common wear parts, for example brakes or clutches and the attached labour costs.
  • OMNIplus EconomyService: this includes a maintenance and revision package and an oil and lubrication Service. To give you the maximum flexibility, you choose what is relevant for your vehicle.

Preparation and care

  • OMNIplus Small Repairs: damage to paint, glass and plastic materials as well as damage to dashboards, interiors and body work can quickly and easily be restored through Small Repairs.
  • Care Service: cleaning of interior, engine compartment and carpets are the core elements of the Care Service.

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