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Direct access for spare parts procurement

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OMNIplus ON commerce

For optimised purchasing management.

OMNIplus ON commerce makes the digital purchase of spare parts easier than ever. Find correct spare parts quickly, check availability and enjoy orders delivered directly to your company. That is today's purchasing management.

Discover the advantages

Not only connect vehicles with an extended virtual data interface to the OMNIplus ON portal, but also make them usable for your fleet management system via the cloud.

Order spare parts. Check availability.

Simply select the pre-sorted GenuineParts for my fleet, order with a click and have them delivered immediately to my company.

Select vehicles. Book digital services.

Book digital services for individual vehicles online simply and easily, for example OMNIplus Uptime or OMNIplus ON Data Packages.

Selected services

Store fleet information. Find the right parts.

Add the fleet in the system and view suitable spare parts for all vehicles.

Place an order quickly. Maintain optimum stock levels.

Order certain spare parts in larger quantities simply and quickly to avoid possible delays.

Enter a vehicle. Find spare parts.

Find the most popular spare parts which are just right for each vehicle.

Document any orders. Keep an overview.

View a clear list of previous orders to obtain an ideal overview.

To the OMNIplus ON portal

Further services at a glance

Erhalten Sie Standarddatenpakete ohne zusätzliche Hardware direkt aus dem Fahrzeug und bearbeiten Sie diese in Ihrem Flottenmanagementsystem.

Erhalten Sie für Data Package light ohne zusätzliche Hardware erheblich erweiterte Datenpakete für eine noch präzisere Geschäftsplanung direkt aus dem Fahrzeug und bearbeiten Sie diese individuell in Ihrem Flottenmanagementsystem.

Check on the health of your vehicle by remote diagnosis, analyse faults and define workshop tasks.

Start now

Just click to enter the future.

Use OMNIplus ON digital services and make your business noticeably more straightforward and efficient. Would you like more information and access to the new OMNIplus eShop? Contact your Service Support Point. If you wish to obtain more information on all digital services, contact our Digital Services Manager.

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