OMNIplus Uptime – the intelligently networked service system for maximum vehicle availability.

Networked service that thinks ahead.

OMNIplus Uptime service innovation constantly monitors all relevant vehicle systems in your vehicles. This means that repairs and maintenance are always one step ahead.

Transparency about pending maintenance measures.

Thanks to predictive analysis in real time, you can immediately be given recommendations for action in the case of an impending fault; this way you can be sure to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Proactive repair and maintenance management.

Thanks to detailed advance information, your workshop can always be prepared for upcoming tasks and can bundle together repair and maintenance tasks in order to optimise service times.

Breakdowns are avoided.

If a vehicle is in danger of breaking down, our 24h SERVICE supports you immediately when searching for the next Service Support Point on your route and coordinates repairs and spare parts procurement.

Further services at a glance

Show vehicles. Identify service requirement.

Identify upcoming services for individual vehicles or vehicle groups for my fleet at a glance, and manage.

Check on the health of your vehicle by remote diagnosis, analyse faults and define workshop tasks.

Create checklist. Ensure processes.

Create checklist with set, defined processes; store this in the system and allocate.

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