OMNIplus ON advance

For maximum vehicle availability.

OMNIplus ON advance constantly monitors the status of your vehicles and automatically deduces effective recommendations for the workshop management to act upon. This opens the way for greater vehicle availability.

Discover the advantages

Monitor the fleet. Optimise vehicle service.

Check the technical condition of my fleet in real time and use the information to optimise service planning.

Evaluate management reports. Export contents.

Have data presented clearly in a dashboard and export simply to other data formats if necessary (e.g. Excel document) in order to revise these conveniently.

Define workshop services. Assign vehicles individually.

Manage individual maintenance intervals and planned service appointments for my vehicles perfectly using the system, thus creating real time transparency.

Our satisfied customers

Using the knowledge we have obtained from our practical experience, we have been able to support the developments of OMNIplus ON Uptime pro from concept to implementation. In the future, this product will make it possible to continuously monitor the technical operating conditions of the buses – whether in the depot or on the road – further increasing bus availability as a result.

Philip Thetens FFG Fahrzeugwerkstätten Falkenried GmbH 2022

Further services at a glance

Show vehicles. Identify service requirement.

Identify upcoming services for individual vehicles or vehicle groups for my fleet at a glance, and manage.

Check on the health of your vehicle by remote diagnosis, analyse faults and define workshop tasks.

Create checklist. Ensure processes.

Create checklist with set, defined processes; store this in the system and allocate.