Surfing on board.

OMNIplus offers retrofits for fast internet in the Citaro.


Having free WiFi on board makes taking the bus that bit more attractive for passengers. Now, OMNIplus is offering a retrofit package for the Citaro.

Mobile working on board, sending photos instantly to friends, just browsing the internet or watching funny videos together. All without using up your data. Free WiFi in public transport increases the attractiveness of scheduled bus services. And transport companies can benefit from having passengers who value this service.

An attractive competitive advantage.
Younger passengers, who are often on low-data contracts, will be particularly glad of free WiFi provision in buses. In addition, some of those now absorbed in their smartphones might be prevented from fooling around on board – meaning free WiFi could even reduce vandalism. For passengers with a driving licence, free WiFi on board is another attractive argument to switch to the bus: because while you can go online for free on public transport with your smartphone or tablet, at the wheel of a car you need your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


"Younger passengers are particularly glad of free WiFi provision in buses."


Tailor-made offers for every Citaro.
OMNIplus has already retrofitted WiFi routers for rapid internet in coaches very successfully. Now, this cutting-edge offer is being extended to city and intercity buses. OMNIplus offers tailor-made WiFi retrofits for all Mercedes-Benz Citaro models. Installation itself is fast and simple. For an individual quote, contact your OMNIplus Service Point directly.