Parts manufacture using 3D printing.

Replacement parts made available simply, at speed, and with no time limitations.

The most important facts in overview

  • Long-lived replacement parts of original quality
  • Rapid, cost-effective replacement
  • No storage costs
  • Manufacture possible on site at an OMNIplus Service Point
  • Practically no time limitation on part availability
  • Licences for own production of 3D files

OMNIplus uses the ultra-modern digital component manufacture technology of 3D printing to produce replacement parts for the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands.  Almost 40,000 bus and coach parts are currently 3D-printable. Parts made, say, of plastic, synthetic resin, ceramic or metal can be made to a high level of precision. 3D-printed parts have the same functionality, reliability and service life as OMNIplus parts manufactured conventionally.

Digital warehousing
3D printing is an attractive option when only small numbers of parts are needed. This flexible production process extends the possibilities for individualising your vehicles. And because they are stored digitally, bus and coach parts can also be produced by OMNIplus Service Points directly on site. To equip the Service Points to provide replacement parts to their customers even faster, OMNIplus has created a mobile 3D printing centre for them. This "mini-factory”, in the form of a container, also acts as its own logistics centre.

Licences for 3D printing
Components, with all the necessary information, are stored for printing in the "digital warehouse” and can be reordered at any time using their part number. This means rapid, worldwide supply can be guaranteed for decades to come. To avoid transportation costs and save time, customers will also be able to obtain 3D printing licences in the future from the "commerce” section of the OMNIplus ON Portal, then having the parts in question made by a certified 3D printing centre of their choice.