OMNIplus original parts

So your Mercedes-Benz or Setra always stays on top form.


The most important facts in overview

  • Proven quality to strict OMNIplus standards
  • A safety boost thanks to manufacturer expertise
  • The world’s largest replacement parts warehouse for buses and coaches, with more than 130,000 available parts
  • 24h express shipping worldwide
  • At least 15 years of part availability after the end of production
  • On-site parts supply from OMNIplus Service Points

The most economical bus is always the original. Only the interplay of perfectly adjusted parts makes up a complete whole. OMNIplus original parts and accessories are precisely adapted to the demands of your bus or coach. That’s why you should choose manufacturer-quality replacement parts. So your Mercedes-Benz or Setra always remains as it was originally.

Proven quality
Continuous inspection and testing processes guarantee the highest level of safety, reliability, durability and functionality. OMNIplus original parts are always state-of-the-art and are constantly being optimised. This ensures the long-term value-retention of your bus or coach.

Modern parts logistics
OMNIplus guarantees a comprehensive stock of parts in the largest replacement parts warehouse for buses and coaches in the world. Optimised ordering and logistics processes ensure rapid part availability within 24 hours, thus ensuring low downtime in the workshop. More than 130,000 original components can be delivered at all times – worldwide. And in case your bus or coach is getting on a little, we strictly ensure we keep all current parts in store for at least 15 years. For replacement parts orders and technical information on location, your personal OMNIplus Service Point is always there for you.

Shop for replacement parts online

In the OMNIplus eShop, you can find the right replacement parts around the clock, check their availability and order them directly. You can find more information here.

Suspension bags

Absorb any risks: with original air suspension bags from OMNIplus, you benefit from greater durability, optimised maintenance costs and appreciable comfort.
Suspension bags in proven OMNIplus quality have been shown to last longer. The high-quality material used demonstrates excellent temperature and ozone resistance. Even when subjected to extreme weather conditions, it offers an additional plus where durability is the order of the day. Original suspension bags from OMNIplus are particularly easy to change properly, thanks to their standardised shape. In addition, the low resonance and soft cushioning from the OMNIplus suspension bag care for both the vehicle and its passengers – regardless of the road situation.


Brakes and brake linings

Let’s put a brake on the costs: with OMNIplus original brakes, you will not just be able to brake more safely, but also drive more economically over the long term.
Original brake disks for Mercedes-Benz and Setra are manufactured from an innovative alloy. This distributes heat evenly over the entire disk area and reliably dissipates it. That means: maximum braking performance and high durability. Before the brakes are put to tough everyday use, they have to pass even harder tests, for example, the dynamic long-term heat crack test on the oscillating mass friction dynamometer. Only brakes and brake linings that survive this baptism of fire receive the OMNIplus quality seal we give to our high-quality original parts.



More visibility for all: discover the crystal-clear advantages of OMNIplus original windscreens for the driver and the company
Windscreens of proven OMNIplus quality fulfil the highest technical requirements. Through the use of high-quality materials, we can achieve a much longer service life than comparable windscreens made by third parties. Original OMNIplus windscreens are subject to strict manufacturing controls. Thus, for example, the crack susceptibility of the screen is reduced by sanding the edges to a clean surface. The perfect interplay of an original windscreen and adhesive allows you to exchange the glass quickly and easily.


Motor filters

Keep it clean: original filters from OMNIplus guarantee the highest level of reliability, durability and safety.
Air, fuel and oil filters of tested OMNIplus quality ensure reliability on the road and make sure your bus or coach is ready for use. All original motor filters from OMNIplus are child’s play to assemble, thanks to their exact dimensions and perfect finish. Because their shape is completely standardised, they are particularly easy to change. The highest manufacturing standards, most stringent checks and constant further development ensure that the materials and workmanship remain at the highest OMNIplus level.


Drive belts

A drive for greater efficiency: original drive belts from OMNIplus stand out for their outstanding and lasting quality.
OMNIplus original drive belts mean outstanding workmanship and optimally adapted components. Thus, with our precision-shaped V-belt, multi-ribbed drives can be made particularly vibration-free, while retaining the same power transfer. Drive belts from OMNIplus distinguish themselves through high tear resistance, their rigid cover plate and precision-shaped underside. OMNIplus ribbed belts used as serpentine drive belts for auxiliary units are designed to be extremely elastic, dimensionally stable and supple.



Protect against impacts and nasty surprises: you can always rely on the quality and fit of original bumpers from OMNIplus.
The original bumpers in proven OMNIplus quality have been developed specially for your Mercedes-Benz or Setra. Alongside robustness, they are notable for their outstanding material and processing quality. Their incomparable fit and perfect adaptation to all neighbouring vehicle components allows rapid, cost-effective assembly. Bumpers are manufactured to strict OMNIplus standards and continuously developed further – for maximum safety and durability and optimal aerodynamics.